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Meters, gateways... hardware devices for energy efficiency are a pending subject for many energy professionals.  And yet, they are essential to start a good energy savings project, or when you're trying to boost savings in projects with previous story... Do you need to catch up with hardware for energy efficiency? Do you want to learn all you need to give good advice about hardware in any project? Join our next free training session and answer all your hardware questions!  

It is normal for energy professionals to feel uncertain as they take their first steps towards obtaining certification, and particularly ISO 50001 certification. In order to dispell any doubts you may have , and to help you to implement ISO 50001 in your projects, we are publishing and sharing a free downloadable guide on exactly this topic : The Complete Guide to ISO 50001 for Energy Professsionals

While keeping in mind the importance of energy efficiency, G20 Leaders strive to implement an Action Plan for Voluntary Collaboration on Energy Efficiency.  The G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan portrays 6 areas of energy efficiency work such as vehicles, products, finance, buildings, industrial energy management, and electricity generation. This  Action Plan is shared among G20 members as well as other participating countries and reflects ongoing collaboration and knowledge, let's take a look at it to see what's coming for our industry...