The 2 Minute Tool to Make Brilliant Energy Decisions

How big are your potential energy savings?

Tired of listening to inaccurate answers to this question? Grade your building and get a clear picture of your potential energy savings.

Are you paying fair rates in your energy bills?

Benchmark your building against your industry and discover if your energy prices are fair compared to your peers and competitors.

Are you making the right decisions?

Our Energy Grader tool will shed light on your energy efficiency plan. Escape from the darkness of making decisions without a clear baseline, defined savings potential, or knowing how good (or bad) your energy prices are.

Do you want to know your
energy savings potential?

3 Instant Benefits of Benchmarking your Energy Costs


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What is the Energy Grader?

The Energy Grader is a simple online form with key questions about your energy consumption for one building.


When you complete it, DEXMA receives your information and performs a Big Data analysis to benchmark your energy cost against the millions of energy data within your same industry.


After that, we send you a free and visual report with the key insights to make brilliant energy decisions.


In other words, the Energy Grader is where your energy efficiency plan starts!


Here’s what Energy Professionals think about the Energy Grader:

32 Million Data Analysed Per Day

Big Data Algorithms

Human Intelligence

Your Energy Grader Report

How does the
Energy Grader Work?

Using the 1 to 100 Energy Grader score, you can easily understand how your facility’s energy consumption and prices compare against similar buildings.


A score of 50 represents median energy and cost performance, while a score of 80 means that your facility is really doing a great job. In that way, the Energy Grader is a simple but powerful tool that allows everybody to understand how your site is performing.


Because energy cost is the consumed energy multiplied by the price of this energy, the Energy Grader splits your result into the Efficiency Grader and the Price Grader.


Now it’s really easy to get an overview of your energy efficiency on-site so you can better define your cost reduction plan. You might think about revising your electricity provider and get better prices or start implementing energy savings improvements yourself.

Calculate my Potential Energy Savings

We Take Comparisons Seriously

The Energy Grader is based on actual, measured data. Our experience in the energy efficiency sector gave us the capabilities to define the necessary questions to give reliable results to our customers, without asking you to fill out heaps of information.


As a result, in less than 2 minutes you can give us all the information our engines need to perform the Energy Grader for your building.


DEXMA has developed this innovative technology to analyse, adjust and anonymously compare any worldwide facility data against the portfolio of hundreds of thousands of buildings hosted in our databases.


Our Big Data technology defines the cluster of buildings that will be used in your case taking into account the facility’s activity, location, surface, facade type and other details.


In addition, our experienced team of energy engineers adjust the results based on the particular conditions in every facility, giving you more reliable results that will produce better decisions and reduced costs.
We know how hard benchmarking can be, so we take care of it.

And…Yes We Can!

Our experience in the sector spans more than 7 years as energy efficiency analysis platform leader, running projects worldwide in more than 30 countries, together with 200 experienced partners and an energy efficiency database with more than 10 billion data readings. Combining our resources and expertise, we’re pleased to offer you the Energy Grader and help you to achieve better savings.