Renewable energies have become a huge market. Powered with institutional support and financial assistance, we have seen a huge increase on their share in the energy mix. Now thanks to research we might be at the beginning of a new era for solar energy, thanks to hydricity.  

One of the largest climate change conferences is just around the corner. The 21st Conference of the Parties or the COP21, represents the last opportunity for a globally binding agreement that can potentially limit warming below 2º Celsius. This temperature is a limit we are close to reaching and will further create beyond dangerous threats and inevitable as well as irreversible climate change.

Some days ago we launched a new feature in our Energy Management solution, DEXCell Energy Manager, and now it is ready to use once you access the platform. The sublocations feature will change the way you control and manage the energy consumption in your projects. We believe this is key to users. We encourage you to keep on reading. You'll learn how to defeat your challenges with DEXCell from now on!