The hospitals and clinics that we humans go to on a regular basis are not the only healthcare facilities that need a proper energy management plan. A veterinary hospital or veterinary clinic can and should be equally energy efficient!For a real life case study on energy management and energy efficiency in the healthcare sector, discover the success story of Canis Veterinary Hospital, implemented by DEXMA partner Audit Energy.

Ready to win more projects this 2018? Consider polishing up your LinkedIn profile first. After all, the energy management market calls not only for experienced energy managers, but also highly trained ones. Oh, and of course every energy manager certification should be recent and up to date. Certification programs for energy managers are one way to achieve this, and maybe you already have a few under your belt. But do you know how to add your energy manager certification to your LinkedIn profile? This post will walk you through the process step by step. Let's go!

Following DEXMA’s research and innovation strategy, DEXMA has launched a new R&D project called Eco-bot (Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers Towards Sustainable Energy).The aim of project Eco-bot is to build an energy efficiency chatbot that can deliver personalised information on disaggregated energy usage through an intelligent and interactive virtual assistant. The ultimate goal of the project is a larger one, though: to actually nudge human behaviour towards energy efficiency. Through an attractive front-end interface, the resulting chatbot will enable seamless communication in a more natural and interactive way than offered by traditional mobile applications or websites.Read on to learn more about this exciting R&D project at the leading edge of harnessing artificial intelligence for energy efficiency. 

As 2017 draws to a close, it's the perfect moment to take stock of our learnings as energy professionals in order to put things in perspective. We find ourselves asking questions like:
  • Which energy efficiency projects went well?
  • Which ones could have gone better and why?
  • How did I perform compared to my peers?
  • How does my organisation stack up against the competition?
We know those last two can be a little tricky to discern without a little help ;) That's why for the third year running, DEXMA is proud to launch The State of Energy Management survey. Read on to discover what we learned last year and why you should participate this year...

For many energy managers, especially those just starting out, planning and implementing energy efficiency projects can feel like being lost in a never-ending maze. In a tiger-infested jungle. During a lightning storm. Okay, maybe not quite so dramatic - but you get the picture.The lengthycomplex and high-risk nature of energy efficiency projects is what compelled Texas-based energy manager Jeff Julia to help his fellow energy managers out: he decided to write a book about it. And not just your typical dry, boring energy management textbook, either. This award-winning work of fiction explores 6 situations in which any energy manager is bound to find themselves at some point in their career - and how to overcome them like an Alpha Energy Manager.In this exclusive interview with Dexma, hear from Jeff on what makes a winning energy efficiency project, which technologies fit where (including, yes, blockchain for energy), and how to minimise the biggest risk factors. 

It's that time of year again - the perfect moment to take a step back, take stock and review our energy management projects to understand what went well and what might be improved next year. What better way to start than with a quick refresher on which topics and energy management articles have been the most popular this year on the Energy Analytics blog?Read on to find out if your favourite post made the Top 10 list...

Partner DEXMA EnergetipsNew month, new edition of DEXMA Partner Spotlight! For this 5th edition we're excited to introduce Energetips, a full-stack energy consulting firm for business.Energetips specialises in energy management and energy efficiency projects led by a multidisciplinary and dynamic team. Their energy efficiency projects have been carried out in a wide range of sectors, including industrial manufacturing, hotels and restaurants, education, sports facilities and retail chains.Joining us for this Partner Spotlight interview is Dani Puigdomènech, co-founder and project director at Energetips. Read on for the full interview: 

Thinking of jumping on the solar bandwagon now that prices have bottomed out and it's cheaper than ever to generate your own energy? Bear with me for a moment and consider the following: are you putting the cart before the horse? As cliché as it may sound, any approach to energy management should be looked at holistically and not from an individual solution perspective, argues energy manager Damon Lapping of Green Logik.

Connecting a lightbulb to the internet seems overly cumbersome and complicated, not to mention ULTRA geeky:

Why pull a Sheldon and go through all that work when you can simply walk over to the wall and flip a switch? Most people don’t even want to fumble with their smartphone just to find their way to the bathroom. The truth is that the hassle may not be worth it for many of us. But what if you wanted to do more than physically flip that light switch yourself?  In this special guest post, Wesley Faulkner of Facility Solutions Group (FSG) sheds some light on the business benefits of the energy IoT towards better building performance.