First Tools in Energy Analysis

First Steps in Energy Analysis: Make the Most of your DEXCell DEMO account

Have you started your free trial of DEXCell Energy Manager but don’t know what to do next? We’re here to help. Today we share with you 3 key tools to get the most from our energy analysis platform from minute zero.

When you start out in energy management, we say that you’re in the “awareness” stage. This is the moment when you need to detect what is going on with your energy consumption:

Where are we spending the most money on energy? Is performance lower in certain locations? Are all my meters working? What happened last night that created this peak consumption?

Therefore, the first tools you should try in your DEXCell Energy Manager DEMO account are related to this stage of the project.

Detecting what is going on, understanding which data you are getting from the field and being able to access, in a single view, a summarised picture of the energy consumption in a building is a mandatory step for ANY energy management plan.

And we can offer you 3 brilliant tools that will help you detect what is going on with consumption.

Start making the most of your DEMO account today, remember: it’s limited to 30 days!

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1. Navigate Between Accounts


First things first, when you log into our DEMO account this is the first thing you will see:

DEXCell DEMO account

What is this? Essentially, what you see are 3 different accounts, set up and with real time data so you can try the platform with real energy consumption data.

When you work for an ESCO or a utility company as energy manager normally you handle more than one project or client.

That’s why the first step when you access to DEXCell is deciding which account you want to check first.

In our DEMO you have three accounts from three different industries to check:

  1. Corporate buildings. This is a huge project involving corporate buildings from a big project, distributed all over Europe.
  2. Supermarkets. This account also includes multi-location configuration.
  3. Industry. The example of a chemicals factory with 2 locations.


So my first recommendation is that you play around and check what’s on each one of these accounts, you will find many differences between the projects included on them.

To come back to this screen, just press the DEXCell logo on the top left corner:


Read our support article about accounts>>

2. Dashboards: discover what’s going on at a glance


Even though many energy software providers claim that they offer dashboards, at DEXMA we believe that ours are slightly different from the ones offered by our competitors.

Why? Well, first of all, the concept of dashboard itself should be:

  • Simple to use & set up.
  • Completely flexible.
  • Adaptable to any target: you can duplicate or create new dashboards from scratch for different targets in the company.

So, after you play around a bit with the accounts included in your DEXCell Demo, it’s time to do some hands-on work with dashboards.

Try to create one dashboard for yourself, imagine that you want to check, at a glance, energy consumption  for the month in the Corporate Building’s account.

And then, go ahead and create a second dashboard for your CFO. The CFO is always interested in savings and he’s the one you should ask for budget if the project needs more investment. We recently covered this topic on the blog.

Check our support article about dashboards>>

3. Download a Report


First thing I would recommend to you during your first hours with DEXCell Energy Manager will be working with reports.

Our report feature allows you to easily configure your own reports, but in your DEMO account you can take the advantage of using the ones ready for you.

For example, this weekly consumption report:

Weekly energy report

Check our support article about reports>>

Did you like these tips? Remember that our support site is open if you want to check more tutorials.

If you sign up to the DEMO now, you will get these and much more tips & tricks in your inbox, so you can get the most of DEXCell during your trial.

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DEXCell Energy Manager is already used by more than 1,000 companies in 34 countries. We cover the energy analytics needs of more than 10,000 buildings, so…we truly believe yours can be optimised with our tools!

That’s one of the main reasons we offer a free demo platform, open to anyone who wants to test our energy management tools.