May 2016

It is normal for energy professionals to feel uncertain as they take their first steps towards obtaining certification, and particularly ISO 50001 certification. In order to dispell any doubts you may have , and to help you to implement ISO 50001 in your projects, we are publishing and sharing a free downloadable guide on exactly this topic : The Complete Guide to ISO 50001 for Energy Professsionals

One of the first steps to take when you start an energy efficiency plan is to decide what are you going to measure, your purpose in measuring, how will you measure it and which hardware you are going to use.At DEXMA we love to help our users when it comes to choosing a hardware device. We aim for you to have no headaches when choosing your loggers, sensors or other devices. We created DEXCell Energy Manager as a hardware-neutral platform, which means that almost any meter could be integrated on it.That is why we have more and more hardware devices added to the platform, like VMU-C EM from Carlo Gavazzi.