April 2016

A few days ago we launched SolarView, a new app to boost your building’s energy performance by integrating your solar PV production. With SolarView, you can push your limits and even convert your building into a power battery. Let’s review how you can start trying NOW this new app (and completely free).

A few months ago we launched a survey to all energy professionals. We wanted your opinion about what would be trending in our market this year, but also about your challenges and what do you think that makes a better energy professional.Today, we will take a look at the results and we have an infographic for you to use in your reports, blogs or presentations :)

While keeping in mind the importance of energy efficiency, G20 Leaders strive to implement an Action Plan for Voluntary Collaboration on Energy Efficiency.  The G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan portrays 6 areas of energy efficiency work such as vehicles, products, finance, buildings, industrial energy management, and electricity generation.This  Action Plan is shared among G20 members as well as other participating countries and reflects ongoing collaboration and knowledge, let's take a look at it to see what's coming for our industry... 

Solar power is always a trending topic in the US energy industry. Regulations have pushed the install of self consume facilities, specially in states like California. But institutions have changed the laws in the last months. Will this affect to the market?  What's the potential of solar energy in the US? Let's take a look to this map, created by MapBox